Wire EDM

About the wire EDM process

“Electrical discharge machining”, EDM for short, refers to a thermally ablative manufacturing process for conductive materials. The process, known as electrical discharge machining, is based on electrical discharges – the sparks – between the tool and the workpiece. Spark EDM is divided into wire EDM, in which a wire forms the tool, sinker EDM erosion, in which an electrode is sunk into the workpiece, and EDM hole drilling. In all three processes, the material removed is melted or vaporised. In the flow of the dielectric, the material residues are flushed away from the workpiece.

The specialities of wire EDM

  • High dimensional and shape accuracy in the µ range
  • Extremely small cutting widths
  • Processing of all conductive materials
  • Machining of extremely hard materials such as hardened steel, titanium or hard metal (carbide)
  • Surface structures with variable roughness
  • Extremely small cutting widths even with large cutting height (400 mm)
  • Production of sharp-edged apertures (broaches)

Through a variety of machine specifications, we open up enormous possibilities in wire EDM. Our machinery includes high-speed machines as well as high-precision ones, with which we achieve tolerances of +/- 3 μm on 95 mm cutting height.

Virtual example

An illustrative example of creative wire EDM is this nap roller for a rubber parts manufacturer. The fine pointed cavities could not be produced satisfactorily with all available methods until then. We found a creative solution here as well.