Interview with Werner Vogel

Argotec AG in Oberentfelden has specialised in wire EDM for over 30 years. Werner Vogel, together with his team, has built up immense know-how and knows the countless possibilities of this technology.

What is wire EDM suitable for?

Werner Vogel: It is perfect for complex, precise tasks and as a supplement to conventional metalworking.

What fascinates you about this technology?

By means of wire erosion, we can process all types of metal with the highest precision. Or in other words: We erode what you can’t mill, turn, punch or laser. »

Could you describe this in more detail?
Most parts can be milled, turned, punched or lasered without any problems. However, these machining techniques reach their limits when it comes to special geometries, narrow tolerances and fine surfaces.

Why is wire EDM more suitable?
Whether for production in series or for prototypes: tolerances in the μm range are common in wire EDM – 80 mm high cutting punches, for example, have a tolerance of 0/-0.002 mm.

Who are your customers?

My customers comprise companies from the fields of medical technology, micromechanics, mechanical engineering and toolmaking.

What types of parts do you process?

These include miniature parts for the watchmaking industry, series parts for micromotors, surgical working tools, punching tools, mould inserts or precise flat parts.

Do you also produce prototypes?

Before a customer places a series order, we often first produce a prototype.

What is the procedure?

During a discussion, we clarify the customer’s needs and expectations. We often work closely with the customer during the development phase. Once the CAD plans are available, production of the prototype begins. As soon as the customer gives his approval, serial production can begin.

You produce in Switzerland. What advantages can you offer customers? Experience. Adherence to delivery dates. Precision. Swiss quality. And all this at a highly advantageous price/performance ratio.

Don’t you think the costs in Switzerland are too high?
No, on the contrary! Modern, powerful machines and our expertise enable very economical solutions. The high autonomy of the equipment significantly reduces costs.

Are innovations also possible with wire EDM?
Yes, flexibility opens up numerous new possibilities and areas of application. Extremely tough, hard steels and hard metals are increasingly being used in modern mechanical engineering. These can be machined by wire EDM with the highest surface quality and absolute dimensional accuracy. Many of our workpieces contain intelligent ideas for the machining process. The technological added value – combined with our innovations – gives our customers a competitive advantage.